Privacy Policy
1. The way Personal Data is collected

The main ways of receiving personal information from Users:

a) User provides personal information directly (e.g., when registering on the Platform);

b) Personal Data is collected automatically when the User looks through or uses the Platform, for example with the help of cookie files (see more in the Cookie Policy);

c) A user can provide Personal Data on their own accord why they sign into and use third party services integrated wilfully while they assign and use of third-parties services that are integrated into the Platform.

2. Personal Data Use

The Administration may use Personal Data provided to it by the User to:

- communication with the client.

- exchange of messages regarding projects.

- notify the client about the offers that are beneficial to him.

a) Provide client service and technical support;

b) Send notices by email.

c) Provide tailored service. For example, location and language detected by the browser are used to set the language of the Platform's interface.

d) Send promotional materials and advertising. Depending on how the User engages with the Platform, they may be sent individual marketing messages about products and services. Also the information about user interaction with the Platform allows it to recalibrate advertising campaigns, for example, avoid showing social ads to the Platform's users.

e) Integrate third party services that provide additional functionalities to the User's website that have been added by the use voluntarily and on their own accord.

f) Sending notifications of payments made on the User's website.

g) Improve the function of the Platform and provide better services. Statistics and analysis about the use of the Platform's functions allows us to determine the priorities for further development. As a result, for this purpose anonymous generalized information is used.

3. Transfer of personal data to third parties

The User may be required to provide Personal Data by third party services, for example, to make a transaction or integrate third-party services that give additional features to the User's website. The User provides this information voluntarily and on their own accord. All personal data required by third party services shall be processed and stored in accordance with their User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The Administration can share personal data with service providers that perform services on the Administration's behalf. For example, the Administration can use third parties to help it provide customer support, manage advertising, send notifications and newsletters on the Administration's behalf. These third parties are prohibited from using the Users' personal data for promotional purposes.

The Administration can disclose personal data if required by within the limits of the law or to protect rights and interests if this disclosure is reasonably needed to comply with the law or to prevent fraud. In particular, the Administration can disclose the User's data if it is lawfully requested by state authorities or if it receives a justified claim addressed to the User about the violation of the Third parties' rights and/or the User Agreement.

The Administration can share the User's personal data with third parties to provide the User with targeted advertising, and also to measure and control its effectiveness. For example, the Administration can use encrypted emails to adjust advertising in social networks to avoid showing these ads to current Platform users.

4. Storage of data

The processing and storage of the User's personal data will be carried out lawfully during the time that we cooperate with the customer.

The Administration takes all necessary technical and organizational precautions to protect User's personal data against unauthorized or accidental access, deletion or alteration, blocking, copying, disclosure or other unauthorized actions of third parties.

In case of loss or disclosure of User's personal data the Administration notices the User about the fact of his personal data loss or disclosure.

5. Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files sent by the server to the user's device. Cookies perform many functions, for example, they allow to save the settings made by the user, allow the user to move between pages after signing in and, on the whole, make working on a website easier.

Here's how we are using cookie files:

Analytics — cookie files allow us to obtain information about the viewing how many times this or that page was viewed.

The user has the right to set the browser to refuse cookies but this will substantially limit their ability to the Platform.

6. Managing personal data

The User can review, change or delete Personal data that was provided by the User or that was collected from the User's website, in their personal account or by sending a relevant query by emailing The User may use the same email address should the User request for their online Account to be deleted.

7. Administration obligations

The Administration undertakes to:

a) Use the information provided exclusively for the purposes set out in the Clause 4 of the present Privacy Policy;

b) Keep personal information confidential; not to disclosure the User's personal information without prior written permission from the User; not to sell, exchange, publish or disclose it by any other means, except for the means indicated in the Clause 5 of the present Privacy Policy.

c) Take measures to protect the confidentiality of User's personal information according to standard procedures.

d) Block the User's personal immediately after receiving a request from the User or their legal representative or a relevant authority for the protection of the User's personal data white it is being checked in case invalid data or unauthorized activities are detected.

The Administration may share the User's personal data with the authorities in the relevant jurisdiction solely on the grounds and according to the legislation of UK.

8. Liabilities of the Parties

In case of a failure to perform its obligations, the Administration accepts liability for any losses, but no more than the cost of the Tariff incurred by the User as a result of the unauthorized use of their personal data, in accordance with the legislation of the UK, except for the cases when personal data:

a) Was shared with authorities of the corresponding jurisdiction;

b) Was disclosed by the third party after it was shared by the Administration, with the User's consent;

c) Became public before it was lost or disclosed;

d) Was received from a third party before it was provided to the Administration;

e) Was disclosed with the User's consent;

f) Was disclosed as a result of a force majeure event;

g) Was disclosed as a result of a justified claim addressed to the User about the violation of the Third parties' rights and/or the User Agreement.

9. Contacts

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us as follows: you may email us at We will respond within a reasonable amount time.